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Módulos RFID

Low frequency RFID tags enable improved tracking of plastic waste bins and containers.

HID Plug Tag transponders enable the cost-effective tagging of plastic residential, commercial and industrial waste containers for tracking usage via radio frequency identification (RFID).

Automated tracking accelerates waste management processes, and enables pay-as-you-throw and recycling incentive programs, while eliminating error-prone and expensive manual data collection methods historically used for these systems.

The durable Plug Tag housing protects embedded electronics, delivering reliable performance in harsh waste management and logistics environments.

Aplicación en:

Waste management

  • Residential, commercial and industrial waste bin tracking
  • Recycling compliance monitoring
  • Improved invoicing and service accuracy
  • Route optimization systems
  • Incentive-based waste and recycling programs

Returnable transport items

  • Perishable produce crates
  • Stock system bins


  • Easily integrated, yet tamper resistant – inserts securely into standard pre-drilled holes in waste bins and containers
  • Sturdy – resistant to liquid (100% waterproof (IP68)), thermal fluctuation, vibration and shock
  • Unsurpassed quality – fully automated HID manufacturing and direct-bonding technology ensure dependable performance

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