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IN Tag Nuevo


Módulos RFID

Robust low, high and ultrahigh frequency RFID tags that perform in tough conditions

Passive contactless RFID transponders are highly water, chemical and shock resistant, ATEX certified for use in explosive environments, withstand peak temperatures up to 285° F (140° C) and are UL94-HB flame resistant.

Low frequency (LF) IN Tag discs perform well affixed to virtually any surface. They offer reliable, cost-effective tagging for near-proximity reader applications.

High frequency (HF/NFC) discs offer anti-collision technology for faster data processing, larger memory storage, and improved read ranges.

Ultrahigh frequency (RAIN® UHF) IN Tag RFID tags can be read from up to 9.8 ft (3 m). Entire pallets of individual containers or equipment may be identified and item level status updated, as articles roll through distribution and receiving points.

Aplicación en:

Asset tracking and logistics

  • Tool and equipment inventory
  • Maintenance management

Automation and manufacturing

  • Process automation
  • Real-time materials inventory
  • Food processing

Returnable transport items

  • Inventory and distribution tracking
  • Container maintenance

Waste management

  • Bin tracking
  • Recycling compliance monitoring
  • Improved invoicing and service accuracy
  • Route optimization
  • Incentive-based waste and recycling programs


Durable – built to withstand the rigors of industrial processing, transportation and outdoor use

Versatile – mounts anywhere without compromising performance: glass, plastic, or wood, with options for on metal mounting

Diverse selection – broad spectrum of available frequencies, memory sizes and diameters with multiple fixation methods

  • Food compatible
  • Flame and UV resistant
  • Disc diameters of 20, 30, 50 mm (55 mm with spacer)
  • Optional configurations for mounting on metal

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